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So I drove from windham to the zanis and back with adams car on tuesday night by myself.
it felt sooo weird. But I loveeee it.
I hope I get my car on the road soooooon.. or any other car that i can get.
seriously. its like torture having your license and no car.

anyone know anyone whose selling or giving away a car.

and or .. theresea arsenault said that shed give me her car for 200 or less..
with payments of 25 a month.. but it has a cracked windsheild. So I'm not sure
if that would be worth it. do you think so?
My car .. a neon needs a new computer.. i think.
I still have to get it checked out. worth it  to keep?

Does anyone know anything about cars?

I was gonna buy joes mazda.. but he sold it already. My dad was going to buy it for me too.
i wouldve had to pay him back obviously monthly..  but he sold it.. the day after i asked him about it.
im bummmmmeeeed.
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