I'll still smile. (inside_xout) wrote,
I'll still smile.

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I'm shutting down.

I'm completely shutting down.
I'm not much of a person, or who I usually am.
I thought I was so strong. I thought I could
face anything with hope. But I just don't know
how I'm going to see my way out of this.

I love you all so much.
Be safe.
I can't lose anymore people.

I'm going to be in maine all weekend probably.
For the wake/funeral.
Pray for me. But especially the Pelletiers.
Me/all her friends; might have been hit so hard w
with this, but I can't even imagine how theyre handling this.

I love you girl.
You rest easy, knowing nothing will ever be the same without you.
she came when we were freezing; and left us burning up.
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