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Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend.
I would've stayed up with you all night.
Had I known how to save a life.

I keep telling myself, it was just an accident. Shes in the hospitol but shes not dead.
Shes going to wake up any second, and everythings going to be okay.
Nothings wrong.

I just can't accept this.

you were an inspiration to me, and so many others. You were only 16.
You of all people, I would never have thought to lose completely from my life. You loved me when I didnt deserve it,
you cried with me, you laughed with me, you were always there.
You faught to claim your place on this earth, you crawled through fires, with that baby on your side. 
You were beautiful, funny, sarcastic, and foreward. To the point.
You were always so real, and wouldn't stand fakeness.
We need people like you on this earth.  We need you here.
Mother, daughter, sister, friend.
Theres no one like you& you will never be forgotten.

I read Revelations 21&22 last night.
I wanted to know just what you were seeing, or saw as you came into His courts.
You got ready for your wedding yesterday. I could just imagine how amazing you looked&felt.
I remember you telling me, all you wanted was a really good guy, that would marry you, and be a good father, and husband.
You finally got that guy, just like you always wanted.
I love you.
Even though I'm still not ready to say goodbye,
I know youre in a much better place than you could ever be here.

Monique Pelletier.
April 19, 2006. RIP
I fell asleep today; and I dreamt of you.
you told me this was all just a dream;
that I'd wake up and find you to be okay.
That I'd wake up and everything would be
just like it   a   l    w    a    y   s       w   a   s .

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